Virginia | Maternity in the Mountains

July 20, 2018

New life always makes us stop and think.  It’s truly a miracle in every way.  Life is so precious and carrying it comes as one of the highest honors that we have as mothers.  Virginia and JT are some of our very best friends.  We’ve stuck through some crazy seasons and it was our honor to snap some maternity pictures for them as they were about to bring in precious Noel to the world.  Little did we know that she would grace us with her presence two days later!  She’s already a showstopper!

It’s absolutely unfair how beautiful Virginia was at 9 months pregnant!  I’m pretty sure I could have been an attraction at Sea World during my ninth month, so whatever she did to only gain weight in her belly is a mystery to me.  We met on top of a mountain in Dahlonega and it was a perfect evening.  (Aside from our munchkins throwing temper tantrums, we all had a lot of fun!)  Asher, JT and Virginia’s oldest son, only snuck in a few pictures.  He’s still adapting to big brother life and loves his sweet baby sister.

Congratulations fam!  The Leapharts love all four of you!

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